Americas’ Regional Scientific Webinars on COVID-19: Education

The objective is to provide an opportunity for scientists to discuss their research with international colleagues in a workshop format using the UN Research Roadmap for the COVID-19 Recovery as a framework. In addition, the seminars seek to foster international research collaborations and strengthen interagency networks within the Americas. Regional perspectives to enhance Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) locally and across the region will be a cross-cutting issue.

November 11 – 2021

Moderator: Aisen Etcheverry, National Director – ANID

  • Opening & Introduction to the GLOBAL RESEARCH COUNCIL – GRC Aisén Etcheverry – National Director – ANID
  • Silvia Grinberg – Human Sciences Research Laboratory, Conicet, ARGENTINA
  • Roberto Araya – Institute of Education, University of CHILE
  • Fernando González Perilli – Faculty of Information and Communication, University of the Republic – URUGUAY
  • Anne Burke – Faculty of Education, Memorial University, CANADA
  • Alexandra Vuyk – Catholic University of Asuncion The role of the COVID-19 Mental Health team of the CONACYT Scientific Committee, the behavioral management of the Pandemic, and the longitudinal project on coping and mental health in university students
  • Lorena Barberia – University of São Paulo Monitoring and Evaluating the Impact of School Closures, Remote Education Policies and Reopening Protocols in Brazil
  • TBA
  • Round Table Discussions
  • Closing Remarks with Aisén Etcheverry