Data Science for Social Good

Recent decades have brought about a wide range of scientific and technological developments in data management, in areas such as data production and storage, remote sensing, data processing and analysis, substantially improving research in all knowledge domains.

This webinar will discuss how research in eScience and Data science can help develop social research and improve public policies in both Brazil and abroad.

Moderators: Claudia Bauzer Medeiros and Eduardo Cesar Leão Marques

Steering Committees for Special Programs – FAPESP Research Program on eScience and Data Science

Opening: Luiz Eugênio Mello, Scientific Director of FAPESP

Impact of data collection and accuracy on the evaluation of COVID-19 mitigation policies in Brazil
Lorena Barberia, University of São Paulo (USP) Department of Political Science – Professor/Researcher

More inclusive and accessible data as a global public good?
Iryna Kuchma, Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL) Open Access Program Manager

How can meaningful public engagement enhance data-driven health policies?
Pryianka Pillai, University of Melbourne Health Informatics and Research Data Specialist

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